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Working Holiday Visa

How to apply for the working holiday visa for New Zealand

How to apply for the working holiday visa for New Zealand

Getting your visa can seem frightening, but it is not as much paperwork as you think. Take 10-15 minutes to fill a few forms to get your working holiday visa online.

We’ve made it easy for you, just follow the guide. It is designed to help you go through the steps of an ONLINE application.

Should you need to submit a paper application, New Zealand Immigration will provide you with a small guide.

We’ve divided our guide into 3 steps:

  • Register on the immigration website
  • Apply for the visa
  • Confirmation and payment

Working holiday visa online application guide

Step 1: Register on immigration website

First, look around to find your passport. Got it ?
Now go to NZ immigration page and let us guide you throught it.


Click on “register here”.

Screen for visa 1

Click on “Next”.
You can now create your profile that will allow you to apply for a visa.

Screen for visa 2

Be sure to enter a password long enough and use an easy secret question, it will be your only way to reset your password if you lose it. Fill the form, click “register”

Screen for visa 3

You now will receive an email with a link. Check your email box.

Screen for visa 4

Step 2: Apply for the Visa

In your email from immigration New Zealand, click on the link.

Screen for visa 5

Now that you are registered, you can apply for your Working Holiday Visa.
Enter your user name and password to enter your personal page.

Screen for visa 6

Click “Working Holiday”, on the right side, under “Online Services”

Screen for visa 7

Then select your country to see if you are eligible. If your country does not offer a Working Holiday Visa with New Zealand or if the quotas have been reached you will know it here.

Screen for visa 8

Now click on “Apply Now”.

Screen for visa 9

Be sure to fill every field, for each tab : “Personal”, “Health”, “Character” and “Working Holiday “. Under the “Personal” tab, fill your “Personal details”, “Identification” and “Occupation details”.

Screen for visa 10

Step 3: Confirmation and payment

Once you’re done, every tab should appear with a green logo.
Now save and submit your application.

Screen for visa 11

You have now submitted your Working Holiday Visa request, to finish the process you now have to pay the NZ$165 administration fee. Click on “Pay Now”.

Screen for visa 12

Get your credit card, VISA or MasterCard only. Then click on “secure payment site” to be redirected to the “Payment Gateway”.

Screen for visa 13

Enter your name in the box. Be careful, that will be the only way to prove your payment, so be sure to enter the same name that you use for your Visa request. Then click “OK”.

Screen for visa 14

You are now on the Westpac Payment website, click on the VISA or MasterCard logo.

Screen for visa 15

You now have to enter your details and click “Pay Now”.

Screen for visa 16

You will soon receive confirmation of payment.

Screen for visa 17

The end!

You should receive your Visa in the next 7 days. Then you will be ready to go

Be sure to print a copy of the Visa Email and your 12 month Medical & Travel Insurance and bring them with you on your arrival into New Zealand.

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