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How to save money when travelling in New Zealand

How to save money when travelling in New Zealand

Now you’ve seen the cost of living, working and travelling in New Zealand, it’s time to think about the different ways to save money when you are here on your gap year.

Being able to organise your finances is just one of the great life skills you will take away from backpacking abroad. However, while you’re here Down Under, saving money on everyday things means you can afford more of the fun stuff like a skydive or ski season pass.

Cook meals in the hostel

Hostels are equipped with a kitchen and all the utensils you need to spruce up a meal. Cooking food is far cheaper than eating out – even cheaper than fast food

Check the free food shelf in your hostel.

On the subject of hostels and food, did you know that every hostels has a “Free Food” shelf where travellers can leave behind their unwanted food and ingredients? Check it our regularly.

Make friends!

Sharing the cost of food and fuel, for example, is cheaper than going it alone. Whether you meet someone temporarily in a hostel or are travelling around with people, organise to share some of the costs to benefit everyone.

Work for accommodation

WWOOFing or working in a hostel for accommodation is a great way to stay in one place for a while without losing too much money.

Take advantage of travel discounts

If there is an activity you really want to do, check out deals in flyers, discount websites, and we can get you discounts included in our Starter Pack.

Use public transport

The bus and plane network in New Zealand is particularly good for getting you places quickly and cheaply.

Do New Zealand’s most popular activity!

Walking and hiking is a much-loved pastime in New Zealand, and better yet, it’s free. With such varied landscapes, there’s loads of walks to explore.

Get some more awesome money-saving tips from Working Holiday Starter

Many of the services included in New Zealand Arrival Packs are designed to help you save money. Your advisors have backpacked around New Zealand too, so they’ll have lots of tips to share with you!