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10 reasons to get a New Zealand Starter Pack

10 reasons to get a New Zealand Starter Pack

When arriving in a new country, it is great to have a team to rely on, so you can make informed decisions that will define your New Zealand trip. All the companies featured on our site pride themselves on offering you real advice and support, not trying to sell you stuff. No one can explain an experience with an Arrival Pack like other travellers, so check out their testimonials. Otherwise, here are some quick points on why to choose an Arrival Pack for work and travel in New Zealand.

1 – The quickest way to start your work and travel in New Zealand.

Your support company will start helping you with the paperwork needed for a working holiday before you arrive in New Zealand. Then they will help you with the rest once you’re here. Not only does this mean you’ll be super organised, but you can also start travelling and working as soon as you want.

2 – You’ve got a New Zealand based contact.

There’s peace of mind knowing that someone is expecting you when you land in New Zealand.

3 – Be treated as a human being, not a random number.

Travellers are not just another number! You will get a personal contact when arriving in New Zealand and meet a lot of like-minded travelers.

4 – You’ll be part of a small groups.

Most companies have groups no larger than 20 in their orientation sessions so you’ll get all the care and attention that you need and they’ll have time for all your questions.

5 – Arriving in New Zealand is made easy.

Once you land in New Zealand, everything is going to be a breeze: airport transfer to your hostel’s doorstep, first few nights booked in the hostel, then you’ll meet with your advisor that will get started on introducing you to Auckland or Queenstown and New Zealand!

6 – An affordable and fair price.

Because we help you compare Starter Packs and the 15+ different services included, you can find the most affordable price on the market – a great start to maintain the backpacker budget. In addition, we give you plenty of free advice on how to stick to your budget and find work to fund your travels on this website.

7 – Get expert work advice…

Arrival agencies spent years recruiting travellers like you to place them in various job positions. So when it comes to advising you on getting a job quickly, they really know what they are talking about. Learn how the New Zealand job market works, the most effective ways to find jobs, get insightful interview advice, and let your advisor work with you on your CV/resume to adapt it perfectly to the New Zealand market.

8 – … and Top travel advice!

Make sure you see and do all of the sights, places and activities on your New Zealand bucket list. And, if you don’t know what you want to do here, find inspiration on our “sample bucket list“. Additionally, your advisor will clearly go through all the different methods of travelling around New Zealand so you can decide what is right for you.

9 – Arrival Packs catered to you.

Every Starter Pack is designed to help you do what you want to do in New Zealand, not tell you what to do. On arrival, you’ll sit down with your advisor so he/she can listen to what you want to make of your trip and help you make this adventure of a life time your own.

10 – You’ll meet other travellers.

Some travellers arrive in Auckland or Queenstown on the same day, so you’re instantly meeting people in the same position as you. Most companies also have Members living and working all over New Zealand, so if you’re thinking of staying in a town or city for a while, let them know. They’ll put you in touch with someone to show you around.