"Prompt, honest, caring, personable, family-like: you can really trust everything they say and do for you."

Member’s testimonial: Saul

Member’s testimonial: Saul

Abel TasmanWhy did you choose New Zealand?

Saul: Mainly for two reasons: it was the last country that would allow me to stay and work for longer than three months and because I have met heaps of Kiwis while abroad and they all ended up being lovely, friendly and caring people, so I decided to check the place out!

Why did you choose to use our website?

Saul: I did not want the headache of doing everything on my own, open bank account, apply for IRD number, etc. Also, for a peace of mind, knowing that once you get to New Zealand there will be someone who will look after, guide, and advise you is very comforting.

What was your first impression when you checked out the Working Holiday Starter website?

Saul: I thought the site was really efficient, professional and making my choice was effortless. It was very informative too.

Hooker Valley near Mt CookHow would you describe your agency’s services?

Saul: Efficient, practical and useful.

What was the best thing that they did for you?

Saul: If I have to pick one, I would probably have to say setting me up with a bank account, an IRD application and a phone number BEFORE I actually got there. Easy peasy. But also, having someone you can call if you have any questions, doubts or concerns is pretty damn useful.

You also took a 12-month bus pass, how was it?

Saul: OMG, sooooo much fun! Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical about the whole hop on hop off business, but it turned out to be one of the best trips of my life! I met a lot of friends along the way and shared a lot of unforgettable moments.

What is the best activity that you did in New Zealand?

Saul: I did some amazing hikes, like the Tongariro Crossing above all. Even though the cultural stays in traditional Maori villages were by far my favourite stops, you get unique insights into a culture that is very little known – firsthand experience of their cuisine and lifestyle and the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the locals. Priceless

Yellow Crater, TongariroWhat was your biggest challenge?

Saul: Packing every day, being constantly on the move, meeting cool people, becoming friends and then having to say goodbye a few days later: heartbreaking every time.

What advice would you give to someone that is about to go in New Zealand on a working holiday visa?

Saul: Do not worry about a thing. New Zealand is a surprisingly an easy country to live in.

What do you take away from this experience in New Zealand?

Saul: A lot of new friends, a new mindset (less stress), and awesome memories.

What has been your favourite spot in New Zealand?

Saul: I’ll have to go with Auckland: my home away from home. I know it’s not a very popular answer, but I loved living there and the view from Three Lamps, on top of College Hill, gets me every time – so pretty. Mount Eden is a pretty sweet spot too.

Would you recommend New Zealand to your friends?

Saul: God yes, absolutely.