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How does the Starter Pack work?

How does the Starter Pack work?

Members' meet up, RangitotoAll the tools you need to work, live, travel and holiday in New Zealand are provided in your Starter Pack. Here, at Working Holiday Starter, we are helping you chose the best Arrival Pack for you to get awesome support before your trip to New Zealand, once you arrive in Auckland or Queenstown, and throughout your whole trip here – plus we’ve put this website together with hundred of tips!

So, how does a Starter Pack work? Here, we’ll go through the steps of what to expect once you have purchased an Arrival Pack and decided to take the trip of a lifetime.

Before arrival

You have your working holiday visa, your flight is booked, and you have just purchased your Starter Pack. It’s real! You’re going to New Zealand! The best time to get your Starter Pack is 2-3 months prior to your arrival date. It gives your chosen company enough time to work on your bookings, files, etc.

Since most companies are based in Auckland or Queenstown, New Zealand, you will be contacted via email before you arrive. So, remember to check your emails – even your junk box. The first email is usually the ‘welcome’ email giving you a few tips on how you can prepare for your arrival into New Zealand.

Arrangements for your airport transfer and hostel nights.

If at any point you want to email your advisor with any questions or want to go over what to expect when you arrive in New Zealand, just respond to your welcome email.

Arrival in New Zealand

You made it! Your New Zealand trip starts here. The airport transfer to your hostel is super easy to spot. Everything was organised before you arrive, so just give the driver your name and hop on the shuttle – it’s that easy.

After being dropped off at the doorstep of the hostel, check-in with just your passport. This hostel is where you will be spending the next few nights, which are included in your Starter Pack.

As prearranged with you, you will meet your advisor at their Auckland or Queenstown office. Most travellers are pretty tired from the long flight to New Zealand so make sure to rest well before the meeting.

Now, it’s time for the serious business of activating your bank account and applying for your IRD number (your New Zealand tax number). Ok, so it won’t feel so serious, as everything will be prepared for you. Just enjoy the feeling of ease.

When all that is out of the way, you’ll be set up your phone with an NZ sim card, so you are ready to talk social and business with your New Zealand phone number, whilst using a backpacker-budget-friendly flexible phone plan. You will also get your Welcome Package full of discounts, vouchers and all that good stuff.

Of course, you’ve had fun so far, but the real fun starts when you get to talk travel! If you have an idea of what you want to do in New Zealand, you can go through the best ways of approaching your plan with your advisor. Otherwise, the team will go through all the options to travel around New Zealand. Their goal is to help you decide which option is right for you.

As you may have noticed, you are staying in either Auckland or Queenstown, so they’ll suggest a few fun things you can do in the city while you’re here – for free, may we add. Don’t forget, some companies even include a free Bar Crawl voucher in your Starter Pack.

Job Workshop

Your orientation in Auckland or Queesntown will also include a job workshop. This session is all about stretching your dollars further and funding your New Zealand adventure.

Job searching, presenting yourself, feedback on your resume/CV, cover letters, job interviews and following up interviews: your advisor will go through all the essentials and give you tips to bag a job in New Zealand as quickly as possible. Most travellers get a job within two weeks of serious job search. There is also some great ways of working for accommodation in New Zealand, so you’ll talk about that too.

The rest of your time in Auckland or Queenstown

You are prepared to take on New Zealand. Go you! By this point, some Travellers have decided what they are doing and hit the road within three days of arriving in New Zealand. Other travellers want to take the time to decide, so stay in Auckland or Queenstown a little longer. In the latter case, there are plenty of chances to meet up with your advisor again to discuss anything. Remember, the Starter Pack is catered to you, so if you have any questions, ask them! They’re here to help.

While travelling New Zealand

So, you’ve left Auckland or Queenstown. This doesn’t mean the contact ends. Your company is here to support you for your whole trip. Whether it’s to book a bus, book an activity, ask a question, tell them your plans, or entertain them with travel stories, let them know!

You will also take advantage of their mail holding service. Your support company receives any mail sent to you in New Zealand, then you can contact them to tell them what you want to do with it.