"Having only one contact was great! I talked to one person that I knew and knew me all the time." Ethan

Member’s testimonial: Jane A.

Member’s testimonial: Jane A.

Arthur's PassHow awesome was New Zealand?

Jane: The landscape was even more beautiful than I ever expected. There was so much more to see than what I was looking for!

Can you describe what is a Starter Pack?

Jane: It gives you peace of mind when arriving in New Zealand, like landing and having a friend there already. I could safely rely on them during my whole trip. They made my trip a worries-free experience.

What was the best thing that your agency did for you?

Jane: I like the fact that all my important mail that I received were sent to me quickly. I also received info updates regularly and despite that I did not contact them often, they did! They kept in touch with me all the time.

Baldwin, DunedinHow did you travel around New Zealand?

Jane: I bought a car to travel the North Island but I did not enjoy it so much as driving the New Zealand roads was pretty hazardous. So I sold my car back before heading to the South Island.

Then on the South Island I used public transport, mainly buses and trains. I really enjoyed travelling that way as I got to sit back and relax while looking at the scenery. It was very cheap too and I got to meet quite a lot of people that were on the same bus or train as me.

What is the most memorable activity that you did in New Zealand?

Jane: I took the TranzAlpine train from Christchurch to Greymouth and sat in the open wagon the whole time. I saw them most amazing scenery – I will never forget it. I told almost everyone I met to go take it too. It was just amazing.

Where did you stay during your time in New Zealand?

Jane: I stayed most of my time in Auckland where I was working. It was not that great compared to the rest of the country, I actually wish I had chosen to work somewhere else.

Was it easy to save money on the road?

Jane: At the end of my trip I had more money than I came with, so I treated myself to a nice vacation before leaving. I am proud to break even on a trip like this.

Mt.John, TekapoHow was it travelling as a solo female?

Jane: I was not stressed at all. I met a lot of people, so even if I started alone, I never was truly alone. I met many people. You advised me to start the conversation with other travellers along the way so I did and I made many friends!

What did this trip teach you?

Jane: It taught me to relax! I learned to let go things and leave worries behind. I was very stressed about everything back home so it was a great life lesson. Now I know that everything will be all right and some things simply cannot be controlled.

What advice would you give to someone that is about to go to New Zealand on a working holiday visa?

Jane: Take your first brave step out and experience the world! Take the whole adventure in.

Last question, would you recommend getting a Starter Pack to your friends?

Jane: Of course I would. It gave me peace of mind even before touching down in New Zealand!