"Prompt, honest, caring, personable, family-like: you can really trust everything they say and do for you."

Member’s testimonial: Rose S.

Member’s testimonial: Rose S.

Fishing in KaikouraHow awesome was New Zealand?

Rose: “Heaps”! Haha.

It just continued to get better. Every turn on the road revealed something beautiful. The integration of the Maori culture throughout the country was spot on.

Can you describe what is an Arrival Pack?

Rose: Instead of arriving alone and hitting a wall, everything was prepared and pre-packaged for me so it was a smooth ease-in to start my trip. It was like VIPing the whole process.

What was the best thing that your agency did for you?

Rose: The best thing for me was the continued access to you my advisor when I had question. And it was a one-on-one service: when I emailed them I knew who would respond and knew what they were talking about!

Most famous waterfall pictureYou travelled around New Zealand with a Hop On Hop Off bus, how was it?

Rose: It was very easy to book and change my bookings along the way. It was also a great way to meet people as you are stuck 5 hours on the bus with them so you’d better make friends, haha. Also, the drivers were fun.

Tell me about one place that you really loved?

Rose: It has to be Kaikoura! It was great because of the peninsula was stunning and so are the views from the mountains. Because of wind patterns, it always looks different. Some days you can’t even see the moutains! The marine life is just insane: there is dolphins, whales, sea lions…

In Kaikoura there is also one of the first modern Maraes [Maori meeting ground]. It has multicolored carvings and is quite a sight too.

Ready for a Skydive in TaupoWhat kind of jobs did you do here in New Zealand?

Rose: I did quite a lot of WWOOFing during my travels. Then I was skippering a fishing charter in Kaikoura. It was heaps of fun. We took tourists on a 2-hour fishing tour, so I was just fishing and enjoying the scenery. I saw orcas, dolphins, penguins and albatross.

Then I was bartending in one of the most historical pubs in Kaikoura. I loved it, it was the local watering hole – a total local men’s pub.

Do you have any tips to save money on the road?

Rose: WWOOFing helped me a lot while on a job to save on accommodation and when travelling. Also, be choosy on the activity you pay for. Stick with the unique ones.

Fun time on the roadWhat was the best dollar you spent in New Zealand?

Rose: I flew a stunt plane in Wanaka! It was 30 intense minutes to learn loops and else. The only let down was that they did not let me do a back flip, haha!

What did this trip teach you?

Rose: It did not really change my way of life, but I learned a lot about fishing, diving for Paua [local shellfish] and I even learned spear fishing.

What advice would you give to someone that is about to go to New Zealand on a working holiday visa?

Rose: Don’t stop moving! Even if you settle somewhere, there is always stuff to see so keep exploring.

Last question, would you recommend an Arrival Pack to your friends?

Rose: Of course, mainly because of the constant follow up. Every step of the way they were there and had answers to my questions. They were very honest too! I could tell that they were not selling stuff but genuinely trying to find the best option for me.