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Member’s testimonial: Precilla S.

Member’s testimonial: Precilla S.

Waipara vineyardsHow awesome was New Zealand?

Precilla: The landscape was beyond my expectations. It made me tier up a couple of times because it was so amazing! Mainly on the West Coast of the South Island where I had two weeks of amazing weather travelling through gorgeous sights.

Can you describe what a Starter Pack is?

Precilla: In my experience it is best described as the perfect kickstart for my trip. I was wondering how to organise my trip with both work and travel and they were a great support to explain you all the options to travel and how to handle the working part. It was everything I needed for the first few days plus great advice and follow-up during my trip.

What was the best thing that your agency did for you?

Precilla: The best thing for me was that they are super easy to reach. They always had the time to answer my questions or grab coffee. Also the IRD application and bank account were handled really smoothly – it was fast and easy.

On top of the glacierHow easy was it to travel around New Zealand?

Precilla: In general traveling through New Zealand is really doable. At first I used the hop on hop off busses. It made it very easy for me to see most of the country and make friends. After that I travelled by myself for a bit, which is also great to do. The last bits I travelled with friends, we rented a campervan to explore more. For me it was the perfect mix.

Tell me about one place that you really loved?

Precilla: I loved the Abel Tasman National Park! I had perfect weather when I arrived there, I was with awesome people, the nights were clear and starry, and the landscape is stunning. Life long memory!

Hiking Abel TasmanWhat kind of jobs did you do here in New Zealand?

Precilla: I only worked in Wellington.

First, I got a few hospitality jobs. I was dishwasher, front of house, bartender and then waitress in a cafe. I got those jobs through a temp agency – great tip to start the working part! It was a good experience and I got to meet a lot of people while trying something new.

Then I landed a job as a barista at the Wellington Sunday Market. I just talked to the owner and he gave me a trial. After that, I got the job. He trained me as a barista and I took on the role by myself in a few days, it was awesome!

Finally, I got a job as an IT consultant, it is the same job I had back home. I only did it because it was good money.

Was it easy to manage your budget during your trip?

Precilla: I was lucky enough to get my last job, the IT job, so in the end I basically got break even with my budget as when I arrived. I did not try to be too cheap though. I could have saved a lot more money by travelling and living cheaper but it is not my life style.

Stroll by the beachWhat was the best dollar you spent in New Zealand?

Precilla: I think it was my plane ticket to New Zealand. It was the beginning of an incredible adventure.

What did this trip teach you?

Precilla: Don’t worry too much about figuring out your life because it is already right here. Embrace everything wherever you are and whoever you are.

What advice would you give to someone that is about to go to New Zealand on a working holiday visa?

Precilla: It will all be alright, for sure, just go with it.

Last question, would you recommend a Starter Pack to your friends?

Precilla: Yes, it is a great kickstart for their trip!